Planning Appeals

At MZA we help you to reverse the Council’s decision. Our consultants research your case thoroughly and adopt the best strategy to maximise your success.

We have worked within many council planning departments and The Planning Inspectorate. This inside knowledge improves your chances of success.

We are familiar with the various appeal procedures and select the most appropriate one for your case including: householder; written representations; informal hearing and public inquiry.

My wife and myself are very grateful for the professional, accessible, trustworthy, and consistently effective and efficient service we have been receiving from Mr Yousuf and his team at MZA planning. From day one, there is that sense of genuine professionalism and confidence in taking over our case of outbuilding with enforcement to demolish the whole build. However, with right actions and appeal document prepared by MZA, the appeal became successful and we are so delighted.
–  Fasil Bellete

Examples of cases

The Planning Appeals Process

We are intimately familiar with the appeals process, from experience gained working as consultant inspectors for the Planning Inspectorate. Here is our guide to how you can expect the process to work.