Planning Appeals Process

We are intimately familiar with the appeals process, from experience gained working as consultant inspectors for the Planning Inspectorate. Through our deep knowledge of the appeals system, we will approach you honestly and advise whether we think an appeal would be the best case for you or not. We have dealt with complicated planning appeals in many boroughs successfully. In some cases, we can also involve barristers to provide legal opinions and advocacy on certain appeals. By working with us, we’re able to determine the best strategy forward for you.

Appeals we cover:

  • Written Representations
  • Householder Appeals
  • Enforcement Appeals
  • Non-Determination Appeals
  • Public Inquiries
  • Informal Hearing
  • Costs Application

The Appeals Process

1. Instruction

We receive your instructions with key documents and information.

2. Research

We conduct research into your case and review your local planning authority’s planning policies.

3. Statement

We will decide the grounds to appeal on and outline our main arguments in support of your appeal

4. PINS (Planning Inspectorate) Forms

We will complete the forms to send to PINS (The Planning Inspectorate).

5. Client’s Review

We will send our outline arguments and submission documents for your review. Once you are happy, this will be signed off.

6. Submission

We will submit the appeal to PINS and await validation.

7. Validation

Validation is to ensure that all points of your appeal have been completed and addressed.

8. Questionnaire

We will receive a questionnaire from PINS.

9. LPA Statement

Your local planning authority (LPA) will complete a statement of case, as well as other 3rd parties.

10. MZA Comments

We have an opportunity to comment on the LPA statement and any third party comments.

11. Site Visit

The Planning Inspector will visit the property and make an assessment.

12. Decision

The Planning Inspectorate will despatch a decision within 5 weeks of the site visit, with either a refusal or an approval.