MZA and Compassion

Compassion is a UK based charity which is involved in educating, supporting and providing medical care for children and young adults globally. Here at MZA we also sponsor a number of young children and teenagers in Uganda.

We sponsor: Blessing Focnirwith 5, Iracan Consolate 17, and Peter Ndobya Kato 7.

Sponsoring children between the ages of 1 and 6, like Blessing, means that we help them learn how to stay safe, how to eat healthily, how to make friends and how important praying can be.

Sponsoring children between the ages of 7 and 11, like Peter, means that we help them develop their communication skills and healthy self-esteem, choose and maintain good friendships, and grow in their understanding of God and the Bible.

Sponsoring children over the age of 12, like Iracan, means that we help and equip them as they develop into young adults. They will learn how to obtain and keep a job, and various other topics such as: entrepreneurial skills, hygiene education, good decision making etc.

MZA is honoured to take part in this Charity and help children and young adults develop in their lives. Receiving regular communication from our sponsored children truly touches us and encourages us to continue helping as much as we can. Last year, because of people’s commitment and generosity, Compassion was able to reach 103,929 children!

Source: Compassion UK.