Shisha Lounge granted planning permission after successful appeal in Hammersmith

We are thrilled to announce that our appeal for shisha smoking and associated alterations has been allowed and granted planning permission in the London Borough of Hammersmith.

We originally submitted an application for shisha smoking and associated alterations, which was refused on the LPA’s grounds of impacts on residential amenity.

To ensure we addressed the LPA’s concerns, MZA commissioned a noise and odour impact assessment report demonstrating that the noise and odour levels would lead to no detriment to the living conditions of local residents.

The shisha lounge proposes to accommodate 15 people at any one time, which introduces a more controlled environment.

The Inspector concluded that the proposal would not lead to an intensification of the use of the existing beer garden, allowing the appeal and granting full planning permission.

If you’re thinking of opening a shisha lounge and want to find out more about how we can assist you, give us a call on 020 8995 7848 or send us an email to with details on your proposal.