Roof extensions allowed in Chiswick House Conservation area

Before after
Before After

We recently received planning permission for the above site. The development: two side roof extensions, one rear roof extension and alterations to a single dwellinghouse in Chiswick House conservation area. 

To clarify, conservation areas are zones designated by local planning authorities to safeguard the character and appearance of areas of special architectural and historic interest. As a result, planning legislation allows local planning authorities extra control over alterations to a building in a conservation area. Changes usually allowed without planning permission elsewhere (such as changes to windows, installation of solar panels or satellite dishes) require planning permission in a conservation area.

Prior to engaging our services, our client had submitted a planning application for his development. This was withdrawn. 

Given this history, we requested a pre-application meeting with the Council. This informal meeting gave us the scope to clarify the Council’s views, put forward our proposed plans and negotiate an outcome that would satisfy both our client and the Council. 

With feedback gained at the pre-application stage, we were in a better position to submit a strong planning application. Subsequently, after a straightforward application process, the approval came through. 

Whilst the pre-application stage is not necessary for every application, we do recommend this service for the more intricate cases. This is in order to reduce the likelihood of an invalidation (which delays the process) or the likelihood of a refusal, and ultimately solve your planning predicaments without the associated headaches.