Planning Applications Process

If you need planning permission for a new project, MZA Planning can help to make this happen. Our skilled team, who have a combined +30 years’ experience in town planning, can handle each step of the planning process for you. Through first-hand experience working within local planning authorities and private practice, our knowledge and expertise helps us to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Planning Applications we cover:

  • Full Applications
  • Householder Applications
  • Non-Material and Minor-Material Amendments
  • Discharge and Variation of Condition
  • Advertisement Consent
  • Listed Building Consent

The Planning Application Process

1. Initial Discussion

The first step to getting your application started is discussing your project with the MZA Planning team. Once we have considered what the specific requirements are for your project, we will send you a tailored quote outlining our scope of work for the application. Once instructed, we will begin prepping the works on your application.

2. Drawings

If your application requires planning drawings, we will arrange for our architect to go out on site and start preparation. We will send the drawings over to you for your review, and once you are happy we can proceed to drafting the submission.

3. Preparation

We will begin preparing your application and supporting documents, ensuring you are happy with absolutely everything before we submit.

4. Submission

We will submit your application to the Council for you and await for the application to be validated.

5. Validation

When the council have received your application, they will confirm if the application is valid. This means that the application submission criteria has been met, and the application can start to be formally assessed by a planning officer.

6. Consultation

There is a 21-day consultation period held by the council. This is when neighbours can write in objection or support to your application. We play a key role in this stage by liaising with the planning officer to ensure any queries or concerns are addressed.

7. Site Visit

We will contact the council to arrange a site visit (if necessary), which gives the planning officer an opportunity to make their observations on the case.

8. Recommendation

We will communicate with the planning officer on your case throughout the whole process, and address any potential queries regarding your proposal. At this stage, the council may suggest whether your application will be approved or refused.

9. Decision

The Council will despatch a decision notice, stating whether your application is approved or refused.

“We are utterly delighted that MZA got us sorted out when we’d previously had consent denied for an application we submitted ourselves. Yusuf is knowledgeable, efficient & pragmatic, finding solutions to suit us very well.”