How long will your planning application or Appeal take?

Before you embark on your planning application or planning appeal it is important to know how long it is likely to take the Council or Planning Inspectorate to determine it.

Below is a guide for timescales for different cases.



Applications are decided by the relevant council that the application is submitted to. All councils have a statutory determination of 8 weeks from date of acknowledgement.



Appeals from across the country are dealt with by the Planning Inspectorate (PINs) which is based in Bristol. As PINs deal with all appeals across the country they tend to have backlogs and cases follow certain timescales depending on whether the appeal site relates to a single family dwelling (householder appeal) flats or a commercial property (full planning appeal).


Householder appeals 

8 weeks from validation


Full Planning Appeals and Enforcement appeals:

There are a number of procedures that Full planning appeals can adopt, and each procedure has its own timescale:

Written Representation: 26 weeks

Public Inquiry: 47 Weeks

or Informal Hearing: 37 Weeks




Are you considering lodging a planning application or appeal and need more information on more information on the time the process is likely to taken then please call Monica Mehmi on 020 8995 7848. 

Monica Mehmi is the Practice Manager at MZA Planning ands ensures the smooth running of the office and sees to the needs of clients.