Case Review

Case Review

Before you decide to pursue an application or appeal it is always a good idea to undertake a Case Review.

The Case review allows one of our Planning Consultants to sense  check your proposal and has the following benefits:

1) if the project is feasible; 

2) if not feasible what amendments can be made to ensure it is and:

3) saves you time from submitting an application which is likely to be refused and money council fees.

During the Case Review the Planning Consultant will look at a number of elements:

– Property’s planning history:

By reviewing the property history this allows us to see whether the property has already had a number of developments and if this is the case any additional extension (for example) may be seen as overdevelopment.

– Review council policies:

By reviewing the relevant council’s policies again gives an indication as to whether your development stands a chance of being approved and if the council may resist your type of development.

– Neighbouring developments:

By gaining an understanding of developments in the locality it may be possible use examples to strengthen your own case

In short case reviews enable us to initially Identify constraints and how to overcome these.

Once constraints are established we are in a better position to advise you on proceeding with the application



Are you considering lodging a planning application or appeal and  need a second opinion on the way forward? Then please call Amelia Nicholls on 020 8995 7848. 

Amelia Nicholls is the Practice Manager at MZA Planning ands ensures the smooth running of the office and sees to the needs of clients.